3 Reasons to Choose Senior Helpers as your In-Home Care Partner

on the Wednesday, October 28, 2020

When you're choosing an in-home care provider, you're not just hiring a company. You're adding a new member to your family. When you welcome a support worker into your home, you want to make sure that person is compassionate, well-trained, professional, and equipped to handle any problems that may arise. 

We've all had loved ones in need of care, and we understand how sensitive and difficult the process can be. With our broad array of services, expertly-trained support workers, and patented professionalism, Senior Helpers endeavours to make the process as painless as possible.

Senior Helpers Services
Senior Helpers recognise that no two clients are the same, and that it's important to offer a diverse selection of services. Senior Helpers want to be your one-stop shop for in-home care, and that means having support workers on-hand for any situation that may arise. Here are just a few of the specialised services Senior Helpers offer.

Alzheimer's and Dementia Care
For clients with Alzheimer's and dementia, Senior Helpers create customised home care plans specific to the client's needs. Staff carefully monitor daily activity, and focus on creating a safe, positive environment.

Companion Care
Senior Helpers' Companion Care services are lauded for their flexibility, and ability to adapt to your specific needs. Whether it's making a brief hour-long visit, or being available 24/7, support workers are here to help.

Concierge Care
Senior Helpers pride themselves on their in-home care, and that doesn't just apply to your home. Senior Helpers provide assistance to clients in senior living communities, including the move-in process, post-medical care, wait list support, and companion care. 

Personal Care
Senior Helpers understand that for family members, caring can be a full-time job. With Senior Helper's Personal Care services, you can live a productive, stress-free life while trusting that you're loved one's needs are being met.

Disability Services
NDIS clients are among some of Senior Helpers' most valued clients; carers help them understand how to put their abilities to use, and assist them in meeting their goals.

Expertly-Trained Support Workers
When you welcome someone into your home, you want to be confident in their commitment to your loved one, and their ability to get the job done. At Senior Helpers, support workers go through a careful screening process, and are required to meet all national licensing requirements.

Senior Helpers put their support workers through a comprehensive training program, including a continual learning course. Caregivers are encouraged to keep educating themselves, so they can continue to create an exceptional customer experience.

Professionalism and Values
One of Senior Helpers' chief founding values is a commitment to dependability and professionalism. The goal of their work is to help clients and their families improve their quality of life during the ageing process, and always maintain a positive attitude and open communication to achieve that end.

Before taking on new clients, Senior Helpers set up a free assessment at your home to discuss your needs, and create a care plan that works for you. This may also include a full nursing assessment conducted by a RN. Before signing on with Senior Helpers, we want you to feel confident that Senior Helpers is right for you.

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