Non-Government Funded Aged Care Options

on the Tuesday, March 30, 2021

There are a range of aged care services available to you that are not subsidised or funded by the government, often meaning that you can access these services faster and without any kind of assessment needed.

If you don’t meet the criteria needed or don’t want to wait months on a waiting list for aged care services, then private in-home care, assisted living or supported residential services (SRS) may be the best option for you.

Private Home Care

  • No waiting list (often 12+ months for a Home Care Package)
  • Fully funded by you
  • Access to the full range of home care and support services

Assisted Living

  • A mix between a retirement village and an aged care home
  • Able to live independently but still receive support if needed
  • Also known as serviced apartments or assisted/supported living units
  • Access to personal care, laundry/cleaning services and meals
  • You own your own unit/home
  • Ideal for couples wishing to stay living together

Supported Residential Services (SRS)

  • Also known as Supported Residential Facilities (SRF)
  • Not regulated by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission
  • Fully funded by you, often a set weekly amount
  • No ACAT/ACAS assessment necessary
  • Fees differ from provider to provider
  • A range of care and services levels available
  • Ideal for older people and those living with a disability
  • Similar services to a traditional aged care home
  • HCP or CHSP can be used in addition to the care you receive

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