Workforce Council Launches Uplifting Campaign Encouraging Australians to Explore Careers in Aged Care

on the Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The Aged Care Workforce Industry Council (ACWIC) has today launched a new campaign encouraging Australians to bring their skills, talents and passions into a rewarding career in Aged Care.

Titled “Bring Your Thing”, the work is part of a drive to triple the aged care workforce from around 366,000 to 980,000 by 2050 and reframe caring, as directed by A Matter of Care, Australia’s Aged Care Workforce Industry Strategy.

With a national focus on aged care in recent months, the aim is to show people that there are many rewarding roles in aged care and to inspire them to take up careers in the sector.

The campaign is based on the idea that many of the skills and personality traits people already have could be put to great use in aged care. And that, because of the human connections at the core of the roles, a career in this setting may be more rewarding than work in other industries.

In particular, it is aimed at those looking to transition from their current career to those whose employment has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

CEO of ACWIC, Louise O’ Neill said that with the recent recommendations from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, the drive for an increased workforce is even more essential

“If the Government is planning to fulfil over 100,000 waitlisted home care packages by the end of the year then we are going to need a passionate and driven workforce to support this,” she said.

“This campaign is really about trying to connect with a broader group of people.   There are many roles available in aged care that are different from the roles expected, and the people that I talk to in aged care absolutely love it.”

Kevin McCoy, Acting Chair of ACWIC said the campaign is an important step in a multi-year social change program, that aims to increase the number of people working to support our growing aged care communities and change the community’s perception of aged care.

“I am extremely proud to see this campaign come to life as it signifies a coordinated, industry-led response to the workforce challenges we experience daily.

ACWIC is the first leadership group of its kind in the aged care industry, made up of representatives from providers, employees and consumers. Its vision is to develop a world-class, workforce that can provide quality and skilled aged care services which meets the care needs of older Australians now and into the future.

Federally funded, the Campaign strategy and creative and was developed by Coffee Cocoa Gunpowder and at its core, is a series of films, shot in and around an Aged Care home, by renowned Director Selina Miles through Scoundrel.

The campaign is available here at
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