Uniting NSW.ACT Teams Up with Swift to Install Innovative Technology in 1,986 Aged Care Rooms

on the Monday, November 23, 2020

Leading aged care provider Uniting NSW.ACT and Swift Media have announced an agreement for the installation of Swift Plus, a brand new communications and entertainment technology system, in 1,986 rooms across 25 of Uniting’s residential aged care homes.

Uniting operates 72 residential aged care homes across NSW and ACT.

The Swift Plus system will allow Uniting staff to easily communicate with residents about important notices, social activities and meal menus direct to the TVs in their rooms. Residents will also have access to the latest Hollywood Blockbusters and multi-cultural radio stations.

Uniting will also be utilising Swift’s innovative My Family, My Community app, which will enable aged care staff to keep families updated with important messages, photographs and videos of their loved ones.

A dedicated My Community channel enables photographs and messages from the wider community to be shared directly onto TV screens, as well as live streaming of events around the home ensuring elderly residents whose movements are restricted can stay connected and feel less socially isolated.

Another unique benefit offered by Swift Plus is the inclusion of a wide range of calming, low stimulus content, which research has shown to benefit those living with dementia. The immersive content effectively settles agitated and restless residents.

Swift Media CEO Pippa Leary said, “We are thrilled to partner with Uniting to provide our market leading technology which is a solution to the social isolation affecting aged care residents, particularly during the COVID lockdowns.

“Our Swift Plus technology and My Family, My Community app is specifically designed to help isolated communities easily communicate and engage. We developed the product in deep consultation with residents, facility managers and industry experts and believe it has evolved the way aged care communities can be connected.”

Uniting’s Head of Residential Operations Sydney South East, Renee England said, “Having surveyed the market for solutions that will improve the care and wellbeing of our residents, we are delighted to partner with Swift.

“The Swift Plus technology is easy to use and the content is ideally suited to our residents. The My Family, My Community app is the perfect way to include our residents’ families so they can stay up to date with their loved ones.”

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