Where can I find resort-style retirement villages?

You’ve worked hard all your life and now it’s time to enjoy your golden years and retire!

Many retirees consider a retirement village or serviced apartment to live in, often due to the desire to downsize, be a part of a retirement community and for additional security and peace of mind.

There are many styles of retirement villages to choose from and one of the most enticing for many is the resort-style retirement village.

When you join a resort-style retirement village, you will often feel as though you are living in a hotel rather than a retirement community.

Resort-style village prioritise offering additional amenity and services, in order to create that ‘lux’ feeling, as well as choose highly-sought after locations, such as villages in the heart of the buzz and excitement of the CBD or with seaside and beach views.

A resort-style retirement village will often include the following features:

Finding Resort-Style Retirement Villages by State:

Aged Care Online provides a comprehensive online directory of retirement villages Australia-wide and villages can be filtered by lifestyle choice.

You can select ‘Resort’ from the Lifestyle Choices drop down menu when searching for villages, or you can select the following links to find all the resort-style villages currently listed by state:


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