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Workplace Support Services

Our Workplace Support Services provide your employees with professional resources that can support them in facing complex and emotionally charged decisions about aged care. 

Case Management Services

Staff can access our national case management services through our hotline and placement network. With more than 8,000 clients sucessfully placed, we provide support every step of the way. Employees can discuss their individual circumstances to determine what support is required and answer many of the frequently asked questions.

Our case management services are offered Australia wide including:

  • Researching and selecting the most appropriate aged care support services
  • Home Care Services, Residential Care or Respite Care
  • Explain the costs and financial aspects
  • Planning for a move into aged care
  • Assistance with the application process and related government paperwork.
  • Issues relating to caring for older person from a distance.
  • Assessing local and Commonwealth services for the elderly.
  • Removalists and de-cluttering services.
  • Relocation of elderly relatives within Australia.

Online Support

Customised white labelling of our aged care directory accessed through your company intranet. Here staff can research and contact aged care providers available in their local area, anywhere in Australia.

Our Carer Support Service ensures your staff can access the professional help and they need in their roles as carers. We ensure carers are supported in their work/carer life balance. For an employee, a potentially stressful and highly emotional situation has been resolved, with the assistance and full support of their employer.

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Supporting a loved one or family member requiring aged care is a complex, emotionally charged, expensive and time-consuming process. Many employees face the prospect of providing care and support to elderly family members who have increasing care needs.

The onset of Dementia, a fall, restricted mobility or a serious health condition are common issues encountered as our loved one’s age. Given Australia’s ageing population there is a growing need for workplaces to review their capacity to support employees who are also carers.

The Facts

Caring will affect almost every one of your employees at some stage in their career.

  • One in 9 Australians are currently carers, 2.65 million individuals in Australia.
  • As our population ages these numbers will only get higher.
  • The average cost to secure bed in aged care is around $400,000 usually requiring the sale of the family home. It’s a complex, stressful and emotionally charged process.
  • With an ageing population the need for carer support will continue to grow within the workplace. 
  • Providing support for carers, reduces absenteeism, alleviates stress and improves the wellbeing for these employees whilst at work.


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