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Where can I find retirement village in the city?

Do you thrive on the vibrancy and energy of the city? Have you lived in one of Australia’s major metropolises for most of your life and don’t see yourself leaving anytime soon?

Retirement living doesn’t have to mean packing up your life and heading to the country or beach. In fact, there are plenty of great retirement city options – often in the heart of the CBD!

More and more retirees choosing city living

It’s becoming more common for retirees to consider spending their golden years in the city. As apartment living becomes more common in Australian cities, many people view a more compact, low-maintenance lifestyle as an appealing way to enjoy retirement.

Especially once the kids have gone, what’s the point of maintaining that large, practically empty house and taking on all the maintenance that goes with it?

Of course, just because you’re considering a retirement in the city doesn’t mean you need to live in an apartment. There are many retirement village providers, which offer compact but spacious retirement units that are easy to manage and where a lot of the maintenance i.e. gardening, is taken care of for you.

Benefits of City Living

When you retire in the city, you’ll likely experience several benefits.


When you live in a high-density area, you’ll often find you can leave the car at home most of the time or don’t need a car at all. Most Australian inner-city areas are designed for you to easily walk to amenity, community services and entertainment, or take public transport.

Areas that are highly walkable are associated with better physical and mental health, as well as creating a close-knit sense of community.

There are also a number of short-term car rental services, which allow you to rent out a car for a number of hours when you do need one, eliminating the need to own a car. These services are mainly offered in inner-city areas.

Examples of car rental services include Car Next Door, Flexicar, GoGet and Carly to name a few.

Convenience and Amenity

One of the key benefits of city living is the convenient access to amenity. Many specialist services, particularly health specialists, are based in inner-city areas and it’s comforting to know that any service you need is likely close by.

Of course, it’s not just health services that are more easily available than in regional areas, but also community services, entertainment, a variety of food and restaurants, events and more.

Lower Maintenance

Most inner-city dwellings are smaller than their suburban or regional counterparts. For some retirees this is what stops them from moving into a city, but for others it’s a huge advantage.

A smaller home and backyard usually results in less maintenance and often costs less to run than a larger home. A smaller space can also create an opportunity to finally declutter and evaluate the possessions you truly value, after decades of accumulation.

Finding Retirement Villages in the City by State

To find retirement villages based in the city, you can use an online directory that allows you to search by Lifestyle Choice.

The below links will send you to the current retirement villages listed that offer a city lifestyle:


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