Do You Know an Outstanding Carer in Aged Care?

By on the Thursday, November 28, 2013

Do you know an amazing carer in aged care? The Aged Care Blog is looking to start a new regular blog series focusing on the great carers in the aged care industry.

Nominated carers will be featured on our blog, with a photo and a brief interview (about 10 minutes on the phone) about their job and why they choose to work in aged care.


We want to focus on the people (and we know there are a lot of you) who make a positive difference to the lives of elderly people, we want to know why you’ve chosen to make aged care your careers, the good times, the challenging times and the rewarding times. We hope to present a fair and accurate portrayal of those who work in the aged care industry and industry professionals are welcome to nominate anyone who they think would be suitable to feature in this new blog series.

RNs, managers, anyone who works in aged care and makes a difference can be recommended for ‘carer of the week’.

Those working in the aged care industry can nominate and send their recommendations to samantha(at)

We look forward to your response!