Lifeview Aiming for the Rainbow

on the Thursday, March 5, 2015

Victorian aged care provider Lifeview Residential Care is embarking on the journey to achieve the Rainbow Tick. Experienced aged care manager and clinician Helen Povall has been appointed as Manager – Project Pride to guide the organisation through the accreditation process. A major element in achieving the tick will be specialist education and training programs undertaken by all Lifeview staff. 

The Rainbow Tick is an accreditation program developed by Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria in partnership with Quality Improvement and Community Services Accreditation. The Rainbow Tick guides organisations through a cycle of self assessment and review by external assessors to determine the extent to which the organisation meets the needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex consumers.

“Gaining the Rainbow Tick is something all at Lifeview are passionate about and committed to, Lifeview CEO Madeline Gall said.

“We firmly believe our homes should be inclusive for all and that everyone is able to age with grace,   dignity, choice and without fear of discrimination.

“Lifeview has been very successful in terms of the quality of life we offer and once achieved, this   accreditation will assist us to better care for elders from all walks of life ­? it’s all about reducing barriers.” Ms. Gall added.

Manager – Project Pride Helen Povall says, “Research demonstrates that LGBTI people have poorer health outcomes than the general population because of the discrimination they experience. The actual or perceived discrimination from services also means LGBTI people are more likely to avoid or delay seeking care.

“Consequently, many LGBTI consumers want to know that they can access services where their sexual orientation or gender identity will be valued and where service providers understand their needs.

“Our aim is to establish services that will ensure a consumer directed approach to meeting the often complex needs of older LGBTI  people, resulting in appropriate and targeted services – it’s a whole of business approach”, Ms. Povall stressed.