The Right Ingredients

on the Friday, February 5, 2016

Quality and care are on the menu for residents of Royal Freemasons

Care staff at Royal Freemasons aged care homes understand that food is a critical part of everyday life for their residents. 

Over the past 12 months they have taken steps to further improve the dining experience at their homes throughout Melbourne.

Seasonal produce has always played an important role in improving variety of meals on offer at Royal Freemason’s aged care homes. All food is cooked on site, with a team of experienced chefs taking advantage of fresh, seasonal produce. 

The chef’s also work alongside dieticians to produce a menu that’s varied, nutritionally balanced.  Special care is taken to accommodate the needs and preferences of residents. 

The menus for have also been enhanced with clearer descriptions of the meals being served along with their descriptive names.

The menu indicates more clearly what the Pureed Selection is for those on a texture modified diet. This will soon include moulded texture modified foods to make the meal more visually appealing for residents.

The Lifestyle team at Royal Freemasons has been working closely with Chefs to plan an increase in the number of special themed days. In the past, these have included Mother’s Day, Christmas Day, cultural days, the AFL Grand Final and the Melbourne Cup.

Dining rooms have also been enhanced with the addition of high quality table linen, flowers and mock candles to ensure that meal times at Royal Freemasons is a special event.

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