Juniper Staff Putting Their Best Fork Forward

on the Monday, October 10, 2016

A new training initiative at Juniper Ella Williams, devised by staff and Juniper's Training and Development team, will create a more positive dining experience for residents living with dementia. In an effort to improve mealtimes for residents, staff came together to brainstorm ideas on how this important daily activity would still ensure independence, dignity and enjoyment.

Juniper Training Consultant Natalie Caruana said the training provided staff with four clear areas to consider when creating dining experiences: The Room, The Food, The Resident and You.

“Short, highly interactive group sessions take staff on a journey through what our residents, see, hear, smell and feel during a meal," she said.

"For example, blindfolding staff allows them to experience a meal with reduced sensory skills.

“Based on their own real-life experience, the groups can then identify changes that need to be made before, during and after a meal, to create the ultimate dining experience for residents and staff."

The concept has been called Your Best Fork Forward and Juniper Ella Williams Residential Manager, Kath Detoni said the sessions have been extremely effective.

“Staff are now very aware of what makes a positive or negative dining experience and can now work together to make mealtimes a happy, positive event for all,” she said.

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