Welcome to the Lava Lounge

on the Monday, March 6, 2017

Sir Bob Geldof may not have liked them but at Juniper Sarah Hardey, Monday mornings are a time to relax, be still and enjoy some quiet time in the Lava Lounge.

A sensory based activity introduced by Therapy Assistants, Jose Nickson and Kathleen Stevenson, the Lava Lounge is designed especially for residents with dementia and higher care needs.

Participating residents gather in a quiet activity room where the lights are dimmed and Lava Lamps provide a soft, warm and colourful glow. Soothing, classic tunes are played on a beautifully restored record player and with the help of dedicated volunteer, Adrienne, morning tea is served.

With aromatherapy oils further enhancing the calm ambience, residents can then choose to enjoy a gentle hand or head massage.

Sensory stimulation is incredibly important when caring for people living with dementia, helping to evoke, positive feelings and memories, resulting in an overall sense of wellbeing.

Therapy Assistant Jose Nickson said after an hour in the Lava Lounge, residents leave feeling relaxed, calm and happy.

“It’s a very positive way to start the week,” she said.

“We often have family members joining their loved ones in the Lava Lounge and it’s a wonderful way for them to spend some peaceful time together.”

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