Lyndoch Living Prominent at LASA Excellence in Care Awards

on the Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Lyndoch Living was named finalist in not just one, but three categories at the prestigious Leading Age  Services Australia (LASA) Excellence in Care Awards at Docklands, Melbourne earlier this week. 

Proving that regional aged care services are holding their own against their city counterparts, Lyndoch was  named amongst the best in the State for Service Innovation – Community and Home Care, Inclusiveness,  and Community Engagement.    

Lyndoch CEO Doreen Power said Lyndoch’s recognition at the awards was thanks to the dedication and  innovation of their staff who have gone beyond their brief to deliver meaningful and fulfilling services to  those in their care.  

 “Our Indigenous case management program, for example, was recognised as best practice in assisting  Indigenous customers to access care and services through culturally appropriate and inclusive channels,”  she said.      

“This brokered case management service focuses on providing local Indigenous communities with a case  manager from within the community.  This way there is already established rapport, engagement and trust  with the community case manager.  The case manager uses their understanding of the local community and  their position within, to act as a bridge between mainstream service providers and funding agencies to  deliver services in a culturally appropriate and respectful manner.      

“Ultimately this has seen greater access to services by the local Indigenous communities, with Lyndoch  Living committed to working collaboratively to assist local Aboriginal communities to become approved  providers to deliver their own stand?alone services in the future,” Ms Power said.    

Lyndoch was also congratulated on their collaborative ‘Mpower PAWS at Lyndoch’ program in the  Inclusiveness category, as well as their Community Engagement through their ‘Mini Vinnies’ program.    

“We’re very proud of our Mpower PAWs at Lyndoch program, which involves three young men (ages 8 – 14  years) walking the resident dog Billie every Monday. Whilst out walking they engage with many residents of  Lyndoch, perhaps just through a quick hello, stopping for a chat or to pat the dog,” Ms Power said.

“It was wonderful to be recognised for this program as it meets the vision of both Mpower and Lyndoch in  terms of social inclusion. Our commitment to diversity and tolerance and social connectedness brings  younger generations together with elders in a mutually beneficial and enjoyable way,” she said.  

In the same vein Lyndoch’s association with Our Lady Help of Christians Primary School through their Mini  Vinnies program was applauded for its community engagement.    

Through the ‘Mini Vinnies’ program, pupils are paired with residents to converse, seeking to find out the  residents’ life stories and personal interests, which in turn allows students to select suitable reading  material that aligns with the past history and interests of their resident so that they can enjoy reading  together.    

Through the program students develop improved reading skills, gain confidence in public speaking and  confidence in their ability to express themselves in conversation, whilst participating residents gain a better  sense of wellbeing through this one on one personalised engagement that connects them in a meaningful  way through a sense of purpose to supporting early childhood development, and also to their own past  history and significant elements of their life.    

Ms Power said Lyndoch Living is continually striving to improve the experience of those in their care, and  that recognition at this high level was a well deserved pat on the back for her committed team.  

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