Centenarian Leads Knitting Circle for Residents at MercyCare Wembley

on the Tuesday, August 1, 2017

For Angela Di Mori age is no barrier, especially when it comes to handicrafts. At 100 years old, Mrs Di Mori is leading a knitting circle at MercyCare’s Residential Aged Care home in Wembley, teaching staff and fellow residents the craft she has perfected since she was a child.

The centenarian, who was taught to knit and crochet by her aunty in Italy, joined the knitting circle after moving to MercyCare Wembley in December last year.

Up to 15 participants, ranging in age from 80 to 100, now meet fortnightly to knit, crochet and socialise. Even staff and volunteers have joined the group to learn the age-old skills.

The avid knitters have produced dozens of items including, scarves, blankets, beanies and dolls clothes. More recently, they have been knitting squares which will be made into a large patchwork blanket.

“Knitting makes me so happy. It keeps my mind alert and my brain working. Everything I make I give to friends and relatives. I’m so happy to be able to teach this skill and share with others,” Mrs Di Mori said.

MercyCare Wembley Service Manager Hilda Makkink said the knitting circle provided great social stimulation for residents, as well as assisting with co-ordination and fine motor skills.

“Angela is the oldest participant and it’s lovely to see her leading the group,” Ms Makkink said. “She’s an inspiration to all of us.

“Knitting is great for fine motor skills and co-ordination. Maintaining these skills keeps the brain stimulated and the hands nimble.”

Residents hope to hold a display of the handicrafts at the end of the year. 

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