Wishing Well Brings Resident Wishes to Life

on the Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Helping Hand Lealholme in Port Pirie have created their very own Wishing Well. Residents can place wishes in the well and every two months, at resident meetings, one wish is drawn out.

Staff then work with the resident and their family to grant the wish.

Introduced earlier this year, some of the wishes which have been granted include a day out and lunch with a friend and visiting the Fishing Boat Museum.

The wish most recently granted was for John Hincks. His wish was to see the palm trees and upgrades to the centre of town.

The Lifestyle staff at Helping Hand arranged the day and took him out in a bus with his wife Lorraine. Julie from the Lifestyle team was the official bus driver.

"I did a tour of Port Pirie, the main street and the beach," says Julie.

"Then we went down Florence street where the palm trees are. We parked the bus and John got out and went for a ride in his wheelchair to have a closer look."

They also visited his home where he and Lorraine lived. It was all captured by the local paper.

"I do think what he enjoyed most was telling his story to The Recorder," says Julie.

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