Cranbrook at Home’s Bespoke Home Care Services Give Families a Helping Hand with No Wait Time

on the Tuesday, October 30, 2018

With waitlists for home care services across Sydney at an all-time high, Cranbrook Care, a leading aged care provider has commenced their own private in-home care service without the need for a Government assessment.

Cranbrook at Home provides immediate peace of mind for families on the Lower North Shore who are seeking support in caring for their ageing relatives.

Many families on Sydney’s Lower North Shore feel that although their loved ones are not ready to move into residential aged care, they can’t wait for in-home services. Cranbrook at Home assists families who are often time poor and stretched between caring for their ageing parents, family life and work commitments.

The added benefit to families is Cranbrook at Home’s close association with Lansdowne Gardens in Neutral Bay. Lansdowne Gardens has gained an award-winning reputation as a leading aged care residence in Australia, offering luxurious suites and lifestyle services in carefully restored heritage buildings overlooking Sydney Harbour. Cranbrook at Home will initially be available to clients living in the vicinity of Lansdowne Gardens.

“Lansdowne Garden’s stellar reputation means we have an ever-growing wait list for residential aged care and families on our wait list have taken up private in-home care as an alternative. In order to meet the needs of our valued clients, we decided to extend our excellent reputation in care and service to people in the comfort of their own home,” says Kerry Mann, CEO of Cranbrook Care.

“There shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to ageing. Over the course of our 18 years in the aged care sector, we’ve helped thousands of people transition into retirement living and aged care accommodation. We’ve also encountered a proportion of seniors who need support but aren’t ready or do not want to leave the family home,” says Ms Mann.

Services provided by Cranbrook at Home range from companionship, housekeeping, laundry, bed-making and ironing to grocery shopping, meal preparation, basic home maintenance, pet care, medication monitoring, help with personal care, and travelling to appointments.

For those who need it, higher level care is also available, such as registered nursing, speech therapy, podiatry, gardening, physiotherapy, massage and beauty services.

“The benefits of in-home care are well recognised. This type of service can keep loved ones comfortable, enable them to continue with their daily routine, allow them to enjoy one-on-one attention from a care giver, and even provide them with access to a customised home care plan to suit the individual and their family’s needs. Research has also indicated patients recover from illness and surgery more easily – and rapidly – in their own home,” explained Ms Mann.

“Peace of mind is a significant benefit for families with elderly relatives, particularly if they don’t live close by or can’t spare the time to regularly attend to their needs. Just knowing their loved ones are receiving help with a range of daily activities – from showering and using the stove, to being escorted on errands and being reminded to take their medication – can be a huge relief, especially for the families of those who live with dementia.

“There are no waiting lists to access Cranbrook at Home’s bespoke service,” said Ms Mann, “This means we can provide instant relief for families whenever it’s needed – whether it be full-time or an ad hoc basis, or even while families are on holidays or out of town.”

“In addition to our bespoke in-home services, Cranbrook at Home also invites clients to join activities and events at Lansdowne Gardens. While visiting, guests can socialise with residents and even make use of award winning facilities like the Reflections hair & beauty salon, state of the art gym and hydrotherapy pool. This allows for Cranbrook at Home’s clients to gain a sense of community while also maintaining their independence,” she added.

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