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MannaCare Launches POWER – an Innovative Oncology Program

on Friday, November 23, 2018

On 20th November, MannaCare launched POWER – Program for Oncology Wellness and Exercise Rehabilitation. Particular acknowledgement goes to Manningham City Council Mayor Paula Piccinini, Deputy Mayor Anna Chen and Councillors as well as Bendigo Bank Chris Cahir, Branch Manager, Carly Kluge and Paul Thompson Doncaster East & Templestowe Village Community Bank® Branch.

POWER is an evidence-based exercise and wellness, 12 week supervised program that supports the individual to take part in safe physical activity during and after treatment for cancer. Having a cancer diagnosis doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. As research shows moderate intensity exercise is safe and optimal for combating the adverse side effects of cancer and its treatment.

The POWER program is being delivered by Doncaster Rehabilitation Services (DRS) as part of MannaCare’s delivery of services. And the aim of the program is to emPOWER, educate and connect those who take part.

Team Leader at DRS and Program Manager for POWER, Dharani Nagarajan says “MannaCare is excited to be able to offer and deliver this innovative program with its stakeholders including LaTrobe University, Monash University, Aquarena Aquatic and Leisure Centre.”

With multiple stakeholders involved, Project Officer, Jessica Freeman says “the common goal is improving the lives of those who have gone through cancer treatment which has brought people together to offer their valuable resources and expertise. Running the program through a well-established and reputable service like MannaCare has helped engage stakeholders and build the trust needed to work together for the benefit of the clients.”

Overwhelmingly, the feedback has been positive. Freeman continues, “Clients are eager to get involved to build a social network and engage in a safe, supervised and evidence based exercise program. However, it also highlights the need for more community based programs that work with local stakeholders such as gyms to bridge the evident gap that exists in the care pathway.”

MannaCare’s Chief Executive Officer, Ross Dawson said, “This program has taken close to twelve months to bring to fruition.  It has had total support of everyone involved and it has been a complete team effort.  MannaCare would like to thank Manningham City Council and Doncaster East and Templestowe Village Community Bank branches – Bendigo Bank for their financial support of this program.”

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Pictured: MannaCare, Manningham City Council  and Bendigo Bank Doncaster East & Templestowe Village Community Bank® Branch Representatives.