Artist in Residence at St Hedwig Village

on the Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Joseph Telicki moved into St Hedwig Village in December 2018 and thanks to his talent and passion for painting, has become known as the artist in residence.

When Joseph moved to St Hedwig Village, his daughter bought him some paints and brushes, giving him a great project to focus on. Joseph had never painted before but he took up the challenge and started to paint. You can regularly find him sitting on his balcony at his little table and painting away for hours.

Joseph mostly paints landscapes and his inspiration comes from the places he and his late wife visited when they were on holidays and travelling around Australia. Joseph said that while he is painting, he is not only visualising the places he has seen, he is also thinking about his wife and reminiscing about the good times they had together.

As Joseph has accumulated quiet a collection of paintings, Noreen, St Hedwig Village's Recreational Activity Officer, suggested that it was time for an exhibition of his works.

Last month, a dedicated area in the home became an art gallery and residents, visitors and staff were able to walk around and view his paintings. Joseph was of course close by and ready to give an explanation of what each piece represented.

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