Conversation and Food Always a Great Way to Say Thank You

on the Thursday, June 6, 2019

As part of volunteer week, MannaCare held a volunteer breakfast to say thank you and show their appreciation to their tireless volunteers.

MannaCare has an engaging Volunteering Program with volunteers coming from diverse backgrounds, and many being bilingual.

This adds to MannaCare's multicultural richness, and importantly being able to support residents and clients in a more holistic way. Whether, it is having a conversation with the resident in their native tongue or sharing memories of the ‘old country’ these provide links to past memories.

Volunteer Coordinator, Tanya Warms states “It is important to recognise the work that volunteers do for MannaCare. They make an important contribution to our Mission. The breakfast is a [way to demonstrate] we value their input and to ensure families and the volunteers themselves know the impact of their commitment of time and skills upon our clients and residents.”

Some volunteers have been with MannaCare for years, whereas others have only just started. Each makes a valuable and immeasurable contribution to the organisation.

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