Pony up! Outback Adventure Heads to Hall & Prior Menaville

on the Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Each year Hall & Prior Menaville Aged Care Home enjoys an ‘Outback Adventure’ which brings all the residents out to enjoy some country animal fun. This year, many family members also came to enjoy a lovely Aussie-style barbecue luncheon, a show from a country and western singer and various animals with their loved ones.

There was lots of interest in the gorgeous baby duckling and chickens, which are a part of the Hatching Chickens Program. These fluffy little babies always bring a smile to the resident’s faces.

The show-stopping animal visitor was the miniature pony Kit Kat (Kitty for short). Owned by Michele Laing, Kitty is part of the Velma’s Pets as Therapy Program, which Menaville has been involved with for 15 years.

Everyone at the home enjoyed interacting with Kitty, who delighted residents and their families by performing tricks for them. A big highlight was the room visits – the joy on the residents’ faces when a pony comes into their room was just priceless.

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Hall & Prior Menaville Aged Care Home activity