Regis Aged Care Joins TAKE2

on the Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Regis Aged Care has recently joined the Victorian State Government’s climate change pledge program, TAKE2. Delivered by Sustainability Victoria, TAKE2 is a program that provides every Victorian business, local government, community organisation and home with the information they need to act on climate change.

Regis is one of more than 1,000 businesses that have taken the pledge and part of a 12,000-strong network of Victorians working together to achieve two important targets by 2050 - achieving zeronet emissions and keeping global temperature rise to under two degrees.

As part of the TAKE2 program, Regis will make a number of commitments towards implementing more sustainable practices in their business, including:

  • Installation of solar panels
  • Replacement of high-energy use lighting with LEDs
  • Education of staff and community on individual actions to reduce environmental impacts

Regis are currently rolling out 1.6MWs of solar and 15,000 LED lights across Australia.

By taking the TAKE2 Pledge, Regis is helping the state of Victoria achieve the collective outcome which is both good for the people and the planet.

For enquiries regarding care and accommodation with Regis., call 1300 998 100.

Pictured: Regis Aged Care CEO Ross Johnston with the Sustainability Team