105 Years Celebrated at Resthaven Leabrook

on the Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Many happy returns to Mrs Mavis Moore, who celebrated her 105th birthday on Monday 26 August, 2019. 

Mrs Moore, who resides at Resthaven Leabrook at 336 Kensington Road, Leabrook, grew up in Geelong, the daughter of a successful builder. Her mother was a talented singer. Mrs Moore remembers Dame Nelly Melba visiting Melbourne to hear her mother sing, when Mavis was a little girl.

"I had three brothers – two older, one younger – and they all looked after me very well."

Mrs Moore attended the local state school, followed by the local protestant grammar school. "I liked school – not that I was much good! I was more interested in swimming – I used to love swimming down at the baths."

She finished her schooling aged 16, continuing to live in the family home until her early twenties.

She met her husband, Harry Moore, a professional golfer through her youngest brother.

"I was heading out one night to the Town Hall to get some books from the library, when Ivan and Harry pulled up in a car and offered me a lift."

"I was relieved I didn’t have to get my good shoes wet!"

The couple were married when Mavis was 22, and went on to have one son, Roger.

"It was a better world back then – easy to live in," she says.

When Harry died, Mrs Moore moved to Adelaide to be closer to Roger. She moved into Resthaven Leabrook six years ago, aged 99.

She has no big secret to longevity, only saying that she was "never much of a drinker, and always ate healthily."

Interestingly, her hair has also retained its longevity, and never went grey – it remains its natural ash blonde colour.

Mrs Moore celebrated her milestone birthday with family and friends.

Happy 105th birthday, Mrs Moore! 

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