Bethanie Chefs Bake Off Winner Announced

on the Tuesday, September 24, 2019

In the lead up to the annual Big Bethanie Bake Off in November, Bethanie were excited to hold a Chefs Bake Off. This saw four Bethanie chefs compete for the chance to win prizes and the opportunity to be a VIP guest at the annual event. On 20 September two chefs competed in the grand finale at Bethanie on the Park in Menora.

Bethanie Geneff Chef Syd Buckle earnt bragging rights as winner of the Bethanie Chefs Bake Off cooking ‘Auntie Ruth’s Secret Pie’ which was an Apple Rhubarb and Banana Pie. Syd was competing against Bethanie Hospitality Consultant Tony Rutherford who prepared Home Made Sausage Rolls.

Bethanie CEO Chris How was on the judging panel and said, “Syd and Tony both produced delicious dishes so it wasn’t an easy decision. In the end the sweet tooth in us all prevailed and we just wanted more and more of Syd’s Auntie’s secret pie.

“Cooking and food are an integral part of most people’s lives and it often evokes wonderful memories. These fond memories are what we aim to ignite with the Big Bethanie Bake Off event, along with the opportunity to bring friends and families together.”

The Bethanie Chefs Bake Off was a prelude to the annual Big Bethanie Bake Off held on 13 November 2019 at Have a Go Day, a LiveLighter event in Burswood. Bethanie continues to work on closing the intergenerational gap with this popular live cooking competition which offers some fantastic prizes.

To take part, school aged children and Bethanie seniors are invited to submit their unique recipes, as well as the history behind them, in the hope of being selected as one of four junior and four senior finalists to compete at the live bake-off. Each submission is judged on creativity, nutritional value and complexity of the recipe, along with the story behind their family recipe.

To enter, visit and complete an online entry form. Entries close 15 October 2019.

For more information on entering, please contact Bethanie on 131 151.