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Let’s Get Active at Arcare Parkview Malvern East

on the Monday, September 16, 2019

The Arcare Parkview Malvern East community were challenged to  ‘Get active’ in August. Lifestyle coordinator, Annabel challenged and encouraged clients to engage in physical exercise classes and activities for a whole month, as a part of the residence’s ‘Let’s Get Active’ campaign and competition.

The purpose of introducing the program into the community was to promote physical exercise and demonstrate the health benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle, in a fun and approachable manner.

Clients were enticed with a prize to participate in the program. The individual who received the highest number of participation points over the course of the month, would receive a $100 Uber Eats voucher and a bottle of wine. Many of the clients were driven to participate as they are highly competitive and love a good prize. Many were intrigued by the offer of an Uber Eats voucher, as many hadn’t used the service before, but had heard good things.

The monthly lifestyle calendar was filled with extra active activities from seated musical exercises, morning and afternoon walks, active floor games with a twist, Tai Chi and even Wii Sports! Clients received points for attending each activity, and bonus points if they attended every active activity in the week.

One of the clients favourite activities over the course of the month, was their Wii Sports’ competition. Virtual games of ten-pin bowling, tennis and boxing were played, and many couldn't believe that they were playing sport through a TV.

“If I closed my eyes right now, I would think I was actually at a bowling alley. We had bowling back in my day, but nothing like this. It’s amazing what technology can do!” One client said.

Although some clients were hesitant at first to have a go at the game, as they are unfamiliar with technology, they were quickly persuaded by Annabel, who offered to guide each client through their turn. As more and more clients began having a go, others were soon encouraged to join in, as many said that it was a lot of fun once you had the hang of it.

Although it took awhile for clients to work to how to use the controller, lifestyle coordinator, Annabel was there to show them what to do.

There were many laughs and cheers, as everyone had their turn at a sport. It was great to see the community come together to support one another.

Even after the activity ended, and many went to lunch, several clients could still be seen playing the virtual game.

At the end of the month, everyone gathered together and waited for the winner of the competition to be announced.

A big congratulations goes to Peggie for winning! Peggie is looking forward to treating her family to a delicious take away meal in Arcare Parkview’s private dining room.

“I can’t believe it, I really can’t believe I won! Oh how lovely, it will be so nice to share this with my family” Peggie said.

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