Music and Nostalgia is in the Air for Westcourt Seniors

on the Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The sound of music was heard at a popular not-for-profit aged care home in Westcourt last week.

That’s because Year 12 students from the Music Extension Class at St Monica's College visited seniors at Mercy Place Westcourt to sing and play the guitar and piano for residents, as well as take them on a trip down ‘memory lane’.

Mercy Place Westcourt Service Manager, Ms Angela Cox, said the therapeutic effect of music for seniors, particularly those living with dementia, couldn’t be overstated.

“Generally speaking, music is an incredible trigger for emotions and memories from our past to emerge,” she said.

“Our seniors love music and it also helps them to reminisce about their younger years; the songs often generate emotions of nostalgia. It’s also a joy for Mercy Place staff to hear them sing their old favourites so joyfully.

“Extensive research indicates that singing is mentally and physically beneficial in many ways, and we are so grateful for the time and energy expended by the St Monica's College students who performed for us. In doing so, they helped our residents continue to enjoy and maintain a love for music.”

Jo Langtree, Curriculum Middle Teacher for the Arts and Year 12 Music Extension program, said the students were hugely excited about the concert at Mercy Place Westcourt.

"This is the first year that St Monica's and St Augustine's Music Extension classes have undertaken their studies on the same campus and since that time we’ve had three formal concerts - two in the ambience of St Monica's  Cathedral and one at the Elixir Jazz Bar.

“Last week the Music Extension class entertained very young students from Prep to Year 2 at St Joseph's Primary school, and now we are playing for residents at Mercy Place Westcourt. For us, this is all about really wanting to engage locally and give something back to the community". 

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