It’s Not Just a Now Thing: Lifeview’s Long-Term Bushfire Relief Campaign

on the Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Lifeview is committed to providing ongoing support for communities affected by the devastating bushfires. Recovery is a long-term effort for those who have lost businesses and homes to get back on their feet. Recognising this, and building on its initial bushfire relief effort, Lifeview has launched a long-term bushfire relief campaign for residents and staff.

“Lifeview’s residents have already put in magnificent effort in creating much needed new homes, food and wraps for bushfire affected wildlife. With this in mind, we now turn our focus to a longerterm fundraising and assistance campaign,” said Madeline Gall, CEO at Lifeview.

Several initiatives will be rolled out for staff and residents to be involved in and raise much-needed funds for communities that are suffering.

One initiative, ‘Boss for Bushfires,’ involves home-based staff spending extra time before or after their shift with a resident undertaking a “special activity” of the resident’s choosing. This can include having a coffee and chat or playing a game of cards. The staff member’s wage for that time will be paid as a donation and Lifeview will match the contribution.

To assist fire affected regions in stimulating their local economy, Lifeview has created a number of initiatives to encourage staff to visit and spend their money in fire-affected towns. Staff will be offered reimbursement for the purchase of goods and/or services in towns affected by the fires. This can include a meal at a restaurant or a night’s accommodation in a country hotel. Staff will also be offered an additional 1-day leave to visit affected communities and support local businesses.

“By visiting a bushfire-affected community, we can invest much needed funds back into these towns in a way that is dignified and sustainable,” said Ms Gall.

And finally, Lifeview will match any donations made by staff to registered charities.

“Lifeview is proud to be involved and do our part for the community. Recovery is a marathon, not a sprint, and we will continue to support fire-affected regions during this long process,” said Ms Gall.

Lifeview has decided to donate the funds directly to a local community in need.

“This way we believe the funds will be received in a timely and effective manner and put to use almost immediately,” said Ms Gall.

Lifeview has chosen the small rural town of Wairewa in East Gippsland to donate to. Made up of just 87 people, Wairewa was hit by the bushfires just before the New Year. Out of the 22 houses in the town, 11 properties were destroyed, leaving the community devasted.

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