Serving Up Happiness in a Cone at Baptistcare Gracehaven

on the Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Local small business owner, Leah Endersby, believes old-fashioned soft serve ice cream is the ultimate feel good food. So, when she heard seniors at Baptistcare Gracehaven Residential Care in Rockingham couldn’t receive visitors due to COVID-19 restrictions she decided what they needed was some happiness in a cone.

The Milky Monster owner arranged to rock up to the aged care facility in her bright purple and lime green van and serve her classic ice creams for residents and staff.

“Ice cream represents happiness across the generations,” says Leah.

“It makes children jump for joy and for older people it is a nostalgic treat that takes them back to their younger days.”

Leah started The Milky Monster 12 years ago and although she didn’t know the first thing about operating a mobile ice cream van, she had no intention of hitting the road in a tired pink camper pumping out 'Greensleeves'.

With a decidedly funky look, scrupulously clean food handling practices and signature creations like the Princess Scary Cone Leah has become a popular fixture at festivals and events across Perth.

“Unfortunately, COVID-19 saw all my events cancelled overnight, so I’m back driving the streets.

“With everyone at home desperate to be distracted and cheered up it’s been a real delight.”

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Pictured: Ice cream proved the perfect accompaniment for a morning cuppa for Gracehaven resident Fabi Lanaro 

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