Help Make a Rainbow of Difference

on the Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Rainbow of Difference project is a ground-breaking, multi-faceted learning strategy and solution designed and developed by Uniting in consultation with, and for seniors within the LGBTI community. It was developed on behalf of the aged care sector and funded by the Department of Health.

The Rainbow of Difference project has an important role to play in aged care:

  • It provides solutions that empower LGBTI people to better manage their care as they grow older and be active participants in the decision
  • It equips all aged care organisations with tools to ensure safe, inclusive, high-quality care for LGBTI communities

Introducing the MOSAIC app

A unique app has been developed to support both aged care providers and LGBTI people. It's called MOSAIC and is free to download through the Apple and Android app stores.

Developed using the insights gained through the Rainbow of Difference project, MOSAIC features an award-winning design. It provides LGBTI clients with access to information about aged care organisations who provide safe, inclusive care for LGBTI communities, so they can make informed decisions in advance care planning.

It can help:

  • Care teams to provide optimal, appropriate care to LGBTI people and foster meaningful relationships with them. It can also arm staff with tools to apply learnings to their practice
  • Aged care providers to assess and market their safe, inclusive, high quality care environments for LGBTI communities through one simple platform
  • Offer aged care providers a benchmark of where their organisation sits in relation to other providers on inclusiveness
  • Aged care providers to make changes to improve care and reach LGBTI individuals. For example, MOSAIC can encourage coaching conversations with staff and help to build a learning culture which shapes skills and increases the confidence of front-line employees in the delivery of safe and inclusive care.

Uniting can provide guidance and coaching tools such as a fact sheet and booklet to help you get the most out of MOSAIC.

MOSAIC has been designed to help you when you're on the go. If you create a log-in on the app, you can share it across multiple devices, such as your phone and tablet computer, so you have the information you need at your fingertips, any time.

You can be assured that the information you provide when creating your log-in will be securely stored on your own device.

Uniting also developed a comprehensive education program called Welcoming Diversity as part of the project. Hosted on Altura (the aged care channel), Welcoming Diversity is a series of interactive educational programs for staff and aged care providers that address:

  • How to provide inclusive care
  • How to provide culturally appropriate palliative care
  • How to work together in a care team with LGBTI communities

Welcoming Diversity offers a great opportunity for teams to increase their skills and build an understanding of how they can best support the LGBTI community.

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If you have any questions or would like further information, please email rainbowofdifference@uniting.orgor call 1800 864 846.

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