Lifeview Hugging Stations - A COVID-Safe Way to Hug Your Loved Ones

on the Tuesday, June 9, 2020

During this time of social distancing, Lifeview has continued to show innovation and creativity in maintaining connections between residents and their loved ones. 

As restrictions begin to ease across the state, Lifeview is pleased to be able to further open its homes to visitors. While seeing each other face-to-face has brought immense joy to residents and their families, not being able to engage in the simple act of a hug can be quite challenging after spending so much time apart.

“During this unprecedented time, the residents have been telling us one of the things they miss the most is a lack of physical interaction. So, we looked for a simple, safe and effective solution to ensure this need is met,” said Annitta Macauley, Social Support Manager at Lifeview.

In response, Lifeview is proud to announce the Hugging Station, a COVID-safe way to hug your loved ones. The Hugging Station is in operation across all homes in the secure visiting area.

“Good, long hugs are good for your heart. During a hug, we release oxytocin, a hormone that relaxes us and lowers anxiety. When it's released during a 20-second hug we instantly start to feel better, relaxed and most of all loved,” said Mrs. Macauley.

Lifeview has not taken lightly the need for social connection among seniors. It is common for people to feel an increased sense of loneliness as they age, due to several reasons including the death of a spouse or friends, a change in living environment and difficulty communicating. Feelings of loneliness are only exacerbated by the distancing requirements of COVID-19.

Lifeview remains dedicated to maintaining connections between residents and their loved ones to support their wellbeing during this unprecedented time. From social bonding through video calls and window visits, to physical interactions made possible through the Hugging Station, residents can enjoy a number of ways to stay connected to their family and friends.

Social connectedness is key to healthy ageing. Connections and close relationships can reduce physical health problems, improve cognitive function and increase residents’ sense of belonging and purpose.

“We are really happy with the Lifeview Hugging Station. The looks of joy on the faces of residents and their loved ones post hug tells us this small innovation is a winner,” said Mrs. Macauley.

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