Month by Month at Baptistcare Mirrambeena

on the Thursday, June 4, 2020

The search for a creative outlet has led John Wilson to follow his heart and his camera lens to produce a special calendar for the South West residential aged care facility he calls home.

The 87-year-old moved from Perth to Baptistcare Mirrambeena Residential Aged Care in Margaret River two years ago to be near his son.

But as much as he loved the welcoming atmosphere of his new home, John slowly found himself becoming quiet and withdrawn until a conversation with one of the facility’s Therapy Partner’s brought his life-long passion for photography to light.

She suggested John dust off his beloved Canon camera and create a custom calendar for Baptistcare Mirrambeena with a focus on images which showcase the natural beauty of the Margaret River region.

“I have always been interested in photography, since my school days, which was a little while ago,” laughs John.

“I’m especially interested in landscapes and nature, so the idea of working on a calendar that would allow me to indulge my love of that type of photography is exciting.”

John is preparing to venture out on several expeditions with his Therapy Partner, using his keen and talented eye to capture a range of images for the calendar.

He will curate his favourite shots into a 12 month collection of coastal scenes, close ups of local flora and fauna and stunning bushland settings.

Baptistcare Mirrambeena Lifestyle Coordinator, Anni Kampi, said it was wonderful to see John’s enthusiasm for the calendar project which will eventually be shared with his fellow residents and their families.

“We have 50 residents here at Mirrambeena and each one has their own stories and passions,” she said.

“It’s so rewarding to be able to get to know each resident including their likes and dislikes, talents and hobbies, and then create programs that help them to continue to live rich and meaningful lives.”

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