One Door Closes and Another Door Opens

on the Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Bethanie, Western Australia’s most recognised not-for-profit aged care and retirement living provider is always seeking out opportunities for social contributions, driving activities which are not part of Bethanie’s core business, but contribute greatly to the wellbeing of the community.

In preparation for the demolition of what used to be Bethanie Warwick Aged Care Home, the question arose as to what to do with everything inside the property. From bins to beds, curtains to instruments, mops to chairs, crockery to cupboards, pin up boards to dishwashers, books to towel dispensers – all these items were worthy of finding a new home.

Bethanie has given away as much as possible, opening up the opportunity for local and abroad charities to take whatever they need and put it to good use. Charities who have collected goods include Pregnancy Problem House, Water for Africa, Grandparents Rearing Grandchildren, No Limits, My Little Library, along with a number of churches.

Bethanie Mission Manager David Van Leen says, “Bethanie is always looking for ways to give back to the community, so it has been a joy to be able to pass on all this gear to such a variety of charity groups. At times like these, support of local and international charities is needed more than ever.”

Sunday was a busy day with many of the smaller items being collected. All of the beds, overbed tables and wheelchairs were packed into the dining room, which will be collected this Thursday by Water for Africa and then shipped over for use in hospitals.

A renovation and refurbishment to the existing Bethanie Warwick Retirement Village apartments began in November 2019 and will see a full internal and external refurbishment of the existing 35 apartments, plus the addition of a communal building to enhance community spirit and new passenger lift.

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