Prestige InHome Care: Anne's Extraordinary Story

on the Friday, July 31, 2020

It looked like Anne was going to have to go to a rehabilitation hospital and because of a reaction to antibiotics causing delusions, she had ended up in a dementia ward. It was looking really frightening for both her and her family. Having already used Prestige InHome Care's services, Anne’s children rang Prestige and said “Help, we want to bring her home.”

It had all seemed so complicated and yet once Anne’s family said to the doctors “we can get in-home 24 hour care…they just let her go home.”

The proud author of Mr Bandicoot and Other Tales, a uniquely Australian interpretation of nursery rhymes for kids, Anne still loves telling stories and singing songs to her grandkids.

At 91 years of age, Prestige InHome Care's 24 Hour Care Client, Anne, has a refreshingly positive take on life, reminding us “Life…you’ve got to be in it to win it!”

Since Prestige’s team of carers has been coming in 24 hours a day, Anne is thriving and it’s taken the pressure off Anne’s family and her children and grandchildren, who get to enjoy the time with her, but still be very much involved and enjoy that flexibility of care.

“Bob cooks me delicious meals, and I can have a sausage roll. And, if I was in a nursing home, I bet there wouldn’t be any sausage rolls!”

When Anne had to be hospitalised and suddenly found herself in need of round-the-clock support, her family knew she would never want to be put in a nursing home. The doctors looking after Anne would only happily agree to discharge her immediately on the proviso that her family had arranged a 24 hour care solution.

It was then and there that they turned to Prestige Inhome Care to seek a 24 hour care program that would offer flexibility, allowing them to still be very much involved in Anne’s life. Monday night is reserved for Anne’s family, and the Prestige care team resume their support from Tuesday morning until the following Monday.

This system works incredibly well. Anne is able to enjoy quality time with her family and they can appreciate the peace of mind knowing that she is being cared for when they can’t be there. “We work together as a group…and you see the benefits of that. Anne thrives having her family, but it’s also supporting her family…so they can still live their lives. They’re all busy working, and it’s the flexibility of care that’s very important to them,” says Prestige Case Manager, Christina.

You see the rewards when you really have a great support team in place with stimulation. Christina says “her positiveness is just empowering, to see someone of her age just living the life that she should be; it’s fantastic, it’s what we all want!”

With the help of a Prestige carer, Anne was able to regain her independence and confidence. In fact, so much so, that Anne was able to decrease her hours of care.

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