Seniors Start Knitting Headbands for the Hash House Harriettes

on the Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Talented seniors at a not-for-profit Mercy Health aged care home are racing to finish more than 30 knitted headbands for Perth’s Hash Houses Harriettes, who are on a mission to raise money for a range of local charities.

Residents at Mercy Place Mont Clare, who attend a weekly knitting group, are getting through dozens of balls of pink wool a week to make the headbands for the runners with a reason, who range in age from 28 to 73 years old.

Mercy Place Mont Clare Lifestyle Assistant, Wendy Grant, who is also a member of the Hash House Harriettes, explains that when the seniors heard about the need for the runners’ headbands, they were immediately keen to help out.

“The headbands keep the sweat out our eyes when we’re running for an extended period, as well as help us all to stand out as the Hash House Harriettes and we were so pleased to accept the residents offer of help with their knitting needles,” explains Wendy.

“As a group, we run for an hour every week, and are very much committed to raising funds for charity, including MS, MND and our Blue Dress Run, which raises money for depression.

“The group at Mont Clare has been knitting for several weeks now, and is on target to make the 30 pink headbands by next week, and we couldn’t be happier. We will be wearing them with pride at our weekly runs, and telling everyone that they came courtesy of some very talented seniors.”

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