SummitCare Salutes Staff, Says Thanks for Caring

on the Friday, July 24, 2020

Aged Care Employee Day will be celebrated across Australia on Friday 7 August with the call going out across the nation to honour aged care workers and volunteers by saying “thanks for caring."

Chief Operating Officer of leading NSW residential aged care provider, SummitCare, Michelle Sloane, welcomes the tribute, describing her staff as ‘unsung heroes’.

“Aged care workers all around Australia are amongst the most hardworking and compassionate people I know,” she says. “And, at SummitCare, we have the best of the best.”

“I am proud of each of them every day but as a result of the current pandemic situation, they have lifted their efforts to new highs. Our residents’ families have been unable to freely visit our homes and so our teams have gone above and beyond and have become more than carers and more like family to our residents. It has been beautiful to observe.”

“In some instances, they have shown their adaptability to support our residents’ important relationships through technology, calls and regular contact through our Windows of Love program where they can communicate with and see their families.”

SummitCare operates ten aged care residences, nine across Sydney and one in Wallsend, Newcastle, and employs some 1100 people, nurses and nurse assistants, cooks, general service officers, maintenance staff, leisure and lifestyle officers and administration staff. Each one provides a unique contact with each of our residents on a daily basis but together they form a strong team at each of our sites.

SummitCare employees demonstrate Summitcare values and take pride in providing quality care and support to our residents and family.  A recent survey of staff, taken during the COVID-19 lockdown, reports that job satisfaction is high and employees are well informed of changes, feel well supported during this time.

Most of them agree that SummitCare is ‘a great place to work’ and would ‘recommend the care and services to family and friends’.

“These results are very gratifying,” says Michelle. “To know that our staff feel valued and supported in their work is very important. And, we’re also pleased to note that our residents appreciate them so highly.” 

SummitCare residents recently reported that the information they are being provided during the pandemic and the care of their mental health and wellbeing is making them feel more at ease. Residents understand that Summitcare as an organisation is making the right decisions to keep them safe and protected during this uncertain time.

Michelle explains that the business “prioritises staff recognition and reward programs on a local, home-by-home basis and across the Group through a ‘Summit Stars’. Each year a staff annual Recognition and Awards day is held where we celebrate years of services and individual successes of our team. In addition, we offer education and training opportunities to help grow their skills.”

“I often remind our staff how important they are to the lived of our residents. That for the residents in our care their face is the first they will see each morning and the last face they see every night,” says Michelle.

Aged Care Employee Day is a fabulous opportunity to show how much we appreciate each and every one of them and appreciate the ways in which they touch and improve the lives of our residents.

“This recognition is a testament to all aged care workers, especially to our SummitCare team as they reflect our values of being obliging, respectful, supportive and professional every day of their working lives, not just one day of the year.

“We salute them all.”

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