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TLC Turns to Technology to Fight COVID-19

on Tuesday, July 21, 2020

In the fight against COVID-19, TLC Healthcare has implemented several new initiatives to minimise its impact. Recently, it has turned to a mix of innovative technologies to ensure the safety of their residents, patients, visitors and staff.

TLC has installed temperature screening cameras at the entrances to all their residential aged care homes and medical centres. This is the first time in Australia that a residential aged care provider, or medical centre group, has installed this state-of-the-art technology across all of their locations.

The cameras are similar to those used in airports and public buildings across the world, and will become more commonplace as Australia continues to deal with COVID-19. The cameras evaluate the infrared radiation emitted from a person to perform non-contact temperature measurement.

As a person enters a TLC location, the camera records their body temperature which is displayed on a monitor. If the person entering the location records a body temperature above 37.5 degrees, the system sends an alert via the nurse-call system to staff who can intercept that person before they enter.

TLC has also introduced photo ID card technology at their aged care homes, to record visitor attendance, and as a verification tool for their influenza vaccination. Photo ID cards have been issued to visitors who have provided proof of their influenza vaccination status.

The cards are then scanned each time a visitor enters; improving security, infection control and hygiene. This, coupled with full CCTV coverage throughout the locations, provides a robust contact trace system for the innovative healthcare provider.

The CEO of TLC Healthcare, Lou Pascuzzi, says “These technologies are some of the many measures TLC have implemented to protect our people from COVID-19 and influenza. Alongside other strict entry protocols, TLC has had temperature screening in place at all of our locations since early March 2020 and the mandatory wearing of masks for staff and visitors since late June 2020.

“Our thermal imaging cameras allow people to enter our homes and medical centres without the close contact required to check temperatures with a hand-held thermometer.

“Not only will these cameras and photo ID cards speed up the entry process at our locations, but will also help to ensure the safety of our residents, patients, visitors and staff; which is my number one priority” says Pascuzzi.

In the event that TLC has a COVID19 positive case, it has established its own Rapid Response Teams at each of its locations led by its primary care staff. Each team includes their general practitioners, multi-disciplinary nurses, and care staff, equipped with testing swabs and comprehensive PPE and following a strict isolation and testing protocol.

“We have never been more reliant on our integrated care platform. It gives me great confidence that TLC can act in a timely manner, without any reliance on external parties, to minimise the effect of any outbreak.” said Pascuzzi.

Pascuzzi acknowledged the Federal Government for their support: “I sincerely thank the Federal Government for their residential aged care industry COVID19 support funding. It has subsidised the majority of our initiatives to prepare and protect our aged care homes and medical centers.”

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