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Child Care in Aged Care

on Thursday, August 27, 2020

‘Child Care in Aged Care', supported by Office for Ageing Well, SA Health, is a cross-sectoral partnership led by ACH Group that involves also the University of South Australia and child care provider TAFESA City West Child Care Centre.


The project brings together older people living in residential aged care, children attending childcare and university students to co-design, test and evaluate an innovative and structured intergenerational education and development program.

The project fits with ACH Group’s strategic vison of connecting communities as a catalyst to make significant and real difference, and it:

  • Challenges aged care providers to think in new ways and to co-design new solutions with customers to meet their changing needs and the changing expectations of the community
  • Removes barriers for people who live in a residential aged care home to form new relationships with children and to participate in intergenerational activities
  • Co-designs tailored experiences to create local connections and valued roles for older people.
  • Promotes meaningful relationships and real experiences across at least three generations (children, university students and older people).
  • Reduces the risk of loneliness for older people who live in a residential aged care home.

‘Child Care in Aged Care’ promotes meaningful connections and social engagement across different generations, emphasising collaboration and friendship among people of all ages. By bringing together partners and involving older people in the design and implementation of the activities, the initiative will build community capacity and will co-design experiences that create local connections and valued roles for older people.

It is envisaged that occupational therapy students will be involved in implementing the program and that children and older people will interact regularly over several weeks in the first half of 2021.

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