Life Week Celebrations Continue at Lifeview

on the Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Lifeview’s LIFE Week celebrations demonstrate the aged care provider’s commitment to maintaining social connections and providing engaging activities for residents during the COVID-19 lockdown.  

“LIFE Week is Lifeview’s annual celebration of its LIFE Principles – Laugh, Integrity, Focus and Engage, along with our birthday party”, CEO Madeline Gall says.

“With the current COVID-19 restrictions in place, it is important to continue celebrations such as these to lift residents’ spirits and to keep them engaged and as active as possible. It is also important that we continue to think outside the square, as to how we deliver these types of events”, she added.

This year Lifeview turned nine and the birthday celebrations on Tuesday 1st September kicked off a fun-filled LIFE Week.

For Lifeview’s birthday each home enjoyed a carnival themed party, complete with games such as skittles, hoops and hook a rubber duck, and with prizes on offer from the prize stand. Decorated in bright colours the homes featured various carnival stalls, spread out around the home to ensure physical distancing, and served carnival themed food, including fairy floss, mini hot dogs, hot chips and ice cream.

Each day, following the birthday party, residents celebrated Lifeview’s LIFE Principles. There was Laugh, where residents attended clown and juggling schools, receiving a certificate upon completion. Integrity, where both residents and staff wrote affirmations and inspirational quotes on paper leaves that were hung together creating a Gratitude Tree. And Focus, where residents created diamond dot paintings, spun fidget spinners and learnt Tai Chi.

LIFE Week culminated with Engage and an inter-home quiz via Zoom. Each home formed a team, with names such as Emerald Gems and the Young Einstein’s, residents then made banners, posters and T-shirts, and brushed up on their general knowledge. A very fun event with the Young Einstein’s taking out the win on this occasion.

Not only must aged care workers ensure the physical health of residents, but their mental health during COVID-19 restrictions must also be cared for, making the LIFE Week celebrations more important than ever. Despite restrictions, there are still plenty of activities for residents at Lifeview to be involved in, encouraging social participation and improving their mood and wellbeing.

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