A Memorable Horse Drawn Carriage Ride for Jemalong Residential Village Residents

on the Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Delighted residents from Jemalong Residential Village in Forbes were recently treated to a horse drawn carriage ride through the countryside as part of Catholic Healthcare’s My Wish program. For the residents, the experience was nostalgic and an opportunity to reminisce, share stories and bond with each other.

The My Wish program grants residents living in Catholic Healthcare homes, a special wish. It’s about promoting life to its full at any age, rewarding residents and giving them the opportunity to enjoy an extraordinary experience.

The horse drawn carriage ride, proposed by a female resident, was a big hit with everyone at Jemalong.

Acting Lifestyle Manager, Bec Higgs said, “It was a wonderful and memorable day. We couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather. The grand carriage drawn by two beautiful Percheron Draft horses was visually mesmerising. The residents were elated and the experience was enjoyed by everyone.

“The horse drawn carriage ride was offered to all the residents and some were encouraged to step outside their comfort zone. Altogether, 35 residents went on a ride, with nine trips being made in total. For every trip we had a different staff member escort the residents including the Maintenance Officer, the Residential Manager, Care Staff, Kitchen Staff and Lifestyle Officer. Residents were taken around Jemalong, along a country road in a rural neighbouring field to a quaint little cottage and back again. It was lovely,” she added.

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