Celebrating 50 years with 50 adventures

on the Thursday, October 29, 2020

Kim Jordan had always planned to celebrate her 50th birthday with a trip home to Belfast in Northern Ireland this year. But with the global pandemic putting her international travel on hold, the Lifestyle Coordinator at Baptistcare Gracehaven Residential Care in Rockingham has decided to commemorate the milestone by completing a bucket list of 50 challenges.

To give her inspiration, Kim has enlisted the assistance of the 98 seniors she helps care for in coming up with the 50 adventures to tick off before she turns 51 next August.

"I miss all my friends and family back home, so I came up with the idea of a bucket list to keep myself occupied until it is safe to travel again," said Kim.

“It has been a collaborative effort with the residents, and a few of my colleagues, friends, and family chipping in, which has made it fun and interesting.”

Kim’s challenges include activities she had always dreamed of doing, like hot air ballooning and things she did when she was younger with her family, such as archery.

She also plans to do many fun, silly and light-hearted activities, including 'goat yoga' and a few thrill-seeking activities like snorkelling with sharks.

“Resident suggestions include dropping my strong Irish accent in favour of an Aussie accent for a day and experiencing life as a blonde for 24 hours,” laughs Kim.

“With all the challenges I am going to do, I also feel it’s important to reflect on my life and the things that I have achieved now that I am 50.”

Already starting to check off her list, Kim has begun to share photographs and stories of her activities with the residents of Baptistcare Gracehaven.

“I love being able to sit with them and have a chat about my challenges over a cup of tea. “It makes me so happy to see how much joy and excitement it brings them,” she said.

Kim has been at Baptistcare Gracehaven for 11 years, working initially in the Activities Officer role and now as the Lifestyle Coordinator.

Being at the facility for such a long time, Kim has become close to the residents, getting to know them very well.

“If I know a resident would be interested in something I have done, I will go out of my way to go and talk to them about it.

“It is so rewarding to know that I can still touch the lives of others by reminiscing on my own. I can’t wait to share my future stories with the residents,” said Kim.

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