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Beryl Celebrates 104th Birthday

on the Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Earlier this year, Anglicare’s Social and Wellness Centre in Glenhaven hosted a special birthday celebration for Beryl Winser, who turned 104! Beryl, who still lives at home with her daughter, enjoyed the high-tea birthday party with family, friends and staff.

“The secret (to a long life) is to keep active,” says Beryl, “I have an exercise bike at home that I use every day, and that’s good…it keeps your legs moving.”

Beryl has witnessed some amazing milestones over her 104 years, including changes in technology, transport and infrastructure in Australia.

“One thing I can remember is the day they joined the arches on the harbour bridge…it was a great celebration,” she says. “I was only a child then, about 11 or 12… when they started to put in the tracks for the railway and the road down below, we were all so relieved to think that we didn’t have to go right over the top of the arch.” 

Anglicare’s Glenhaven Social and Wellness Centre Team Leader, Esther Reubon, says Beryl has taught her some valuable life lessons

“Beryl has taught me patience…to be with (her) and hear all the stories…that is really a blessing.”

Anglicare’s Social and Wellness Centres offer fun days of planned activities for older people who enjoy visiting new destinations, participating in exercise, dancing, games and spending time in the company of others. 

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