Rockingham Centenarians Celebrate Love, Life and Happiness

on the Thursday, June 3, 2021

If you’ve ever wanted to know the secret to a long and happy life, there’s four Rockingham seniors who may just have the answer. According to Baptistcare Gracehaven Residential Care residents Keith Roediger (100) Ivy Caller, (100) Leah Pearce (100) and Janis Raszobs (103), good friends and plenty of laughter are the key.

The joyful four were recently the guests of honour at a birthday party celebrating their combined 403 years of life.

Former WW2 fighter pilot Keith is the latest Gracehaven resident to join the centenarian club having turned 100 yesterday.

Born in South Australia he moved to Western Australia’s Wheatbelt with his family when he was just three years old.

One of six children, Keith was only 18 when he enlisted in the Royal Australian Airforce, joining two brothers on the frontline.

He became a night pilot, flying Mosquito Fighter Bombers from 1941 to 1946.

Returning home in early 1947 Keith immediately married his wife Eva and spent the next 50 years farming with his brother Eric who lived until the incredible age of 106.

By the time Keith retired at 73 he had farmed 3,500 acres of Wheatbelt land.

Keith has always been known for his happy and hopeful disposition – a trait his family credit for his long life.

“My faith has also been very important to me especially during war time,” he said.

Baptistcare Gracehaven Residential Care Manager, Ahna Paddon, said it is fabulous to be able to help the facility’s centenarians celebrate their birthdays.

“We love having the families and friends of residents come in and contribute to the party atmosphere,” said Ahna.

“It’s important for seniors to remain connected and to feel that Gracehaven is home.”

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