TLC Wins Major Vaccination Contract

on the Wednesday, June 16, 2021

TLC Healthcare has confirmed that they have been appointed by the Department of Health to vaccinate thousands of aged care residents who were unable to be immunised during the initial vaccination program.

TLC will assist other aged care providers with the ongoing vaccination of their residents and staff against COVID-19 and influenza. Commencing next week, TLC’s immunisation team will be assisting the Department of Health to deliver 18,000 COVID-19 vaccinations to the residents and staff of aged care homes in metropolitan Melbourne and greater Geelong.

Lou Pascuzzi is excited to announce this latest development “TLC’s strong working relationship with the Department of Health will see us take our successful vaccination program to the next level.

“Over the next 5 weeks, TLC’s immunisation team will be visiting over 100 residential aged care homes to assist with the vaccination of residents and staff who were not able to receive their doses from the Aspen Health immunisation teams.

“In awarding this contract to TLC, the Department of Health has recognised that our strategy of incorporating medical centres into our network of aged care homes was ground breaking. This is a major win for TLC, and proof positive that our integrated care model is one that works to benefit our residents, the community, and the aged care industry as a whole.

“Our TLC immunisation team consists of very experienced doctors and nurses, who understand the unique challenge of vaccinating residents and staff in an aged care setting. TLC has the facilities, experience and expertise to deliver large-scale vaccination programs.

“This is yet another example of how TLC’s handling of COVID-19, and the vaccination roll-out, is becoming the blueprint for future pandemic responses” says Pascuzzi.

Throughout the recent COVID-19 outbreaks, all 11 of TLC Aged Care’s residential aged care homes across Melbourne and Geelong have remained free of COVID-19. This remarkable outcome was achieved through TLC’s unique integrated care strategy, infectious disease control measures, and vaccinating all of their 1,500 residents and 2,000 staff and contractors by April 2021.

TLC Primary Care’s medical centres have also been approved to vaccinate members of the general public who qualify for the Government vaccination program.

TLC operates 11 residential aged care homes, 10 medical centres, and a registered training organisation located across Melbourne and Geelong.

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