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Coronavirus: Five Lockdown Activities

on the Friday, July 23, 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic and resultant lockdowns have changed our lives in many different ways. With many states now with restrictions in place, many of us may find it difficult to stay active, healthy and connected. The good news is we can choose to focus on the positives instead of the negatives. ACH Group have put together a list of things you can do during lockdown to keep you engaged and entertained.

Cook up a storm

If you love cooking, lockdown is a good time to spend on baking or trying some new recipes. With food shops open to get the ingredients you need, you can cook up a storm for yourself or your household. Looking for some recipes? Here’s Australia’s top 100 lockdown baking recipes you can try.

Need assistance with your shopping? ACH Group offers a shop and drop service throughout Adelaide for those who are aged 65+ during the Coronavirus lockdown. Rest assured the ACH Group team are qualified and experienced in infection control and service delivery.

Online learning

Have some time on your hands during the Coronavirus lockdown? Why not take up something new or learn a new skill online? All you need is a trusted device such as an iPad, laptop or smart phone. Here are some easy to follow online learning platforms or tutorials that you can try:

  • Love arts and crafts? Check out these online tutorials and learn to make your own pom poms and tassels:
  • Keen to learn anything new? Udemy offers some free online courses. Simply type in what you like to learn in the search and select a course you like to take. Udemy offers a wide range of free and paid courses that you can take in your own time.
  • Want to learn how to sing? ACH Group offers Sing for Joy virtual choir offering a fun and interactive environment to help you learn how to sing from the comfort of your own home. Book now.

Love knitting? Why not join ACH Group’s knitting project? This winter, ACH Group residents are knitting mittens, gloves and scarves for South Australians experiencing homelessness. Residents are passionate about giving back to the community, with the knitted items to be gifted to Vinnies SA.

Mediation and mindfulness activities

Set some time aside to practice mindfulness, yoga and meditation. This not only helps you feel calmer and more centered, but it also helps you improve overall health and wellbeing. Udemy offers some free online meditation classes that are easy to follow and great for beginners. Improve your balance and mobility by trying some gentle yoga flow. Here’s a gentle yoga tutorial by Yoga with Adriene to get you started. All you need is a mat and 30 minutes of your time to help you relax and cultivate a strong mind and body. Times like these may be well spent practicing mindfulness and showing gratitude to people around you. Either it is to say thanks to someone you’re grateful for, to meditate or to do a random act of kindness for your neighbour.

Online games

Entertain yourself with some online games during Coronavirus lockdown can be a good idea to pass the time and to use your brain. We’ve put together a list of online games that you can try. They’re all free to play:

Move your body

Staying active and healthy during a lockdown is essential. With the current 2.5 - 10km exercise limit in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales during this Coronavirus lockdown, the ABC has developed a radius calculator so you can calculate how far you can travel. During these challenging times, looking after your health and wellbeing is very important. Don’t forget to take some time in your day to go for a stroll, walk your dog or simply get some fresh air.

Lockdown is also a good time to spend in your garden. Gardening helps you stay mobile, active and stay connected with nature. For more gardening tips and articles, have a look at our gardening blogs for vertical garden tips and veggies in smaller space by Sophie Thomson – ACH Group’s Good Lives magazine contributor and garden expert.

Isolation can be a difficult and unsettling time, and if you need mental health support you can call the Beyond Blue Support Service. This free and confidential service is available every day to all Australians online from 3pm to midnight AEST or 24 hours a day by phone on 1300 22 4636.

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