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Ian’s Chaplaincy Support "a blessing"

on Monday, November 20, 2023

Resthaven Murray Bridge volunteer, Ian Kluge, has lived a life supporting his community, both as a police officer, and as a volunteer. Ian discovered his love of volunteering after taking a leap of faith; "I had a long career in the police force, and I wanted to try a different path, one that I found meaningful."

Gaining employment as a disability support worker, Ian’s interest in working with vulnerable people grew tenfold.

"I was still figuring out what it was that I wanted to do, and one of the biggest things that has always been there is my faith."

Ian went on to complete his Certificate IV in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care, focusing on theological studies.

"Whilst still working as a disability support worker, I started off volunteering in an aged care home once a week, when I could."

"I found myself really enjoying the environment, and decided to do an aged care course to better understand the sector, and how I could contribute to residents’ lives."

Now, Ian volunteers as a Chaplain’s Assistant with Resthaven Murray Bridge, working closely with Coordinating Chaplain, Dr Nina Corlett.

"I really enjoy having a chat with residents, and sharing our faith together."

"Something that is particularly special, is singing with residents who are living with dementia. Nina plays her guitar, and we listen to old time music that residents remember from their youth."

"It’s wonderful to watch them sway and enjoy the music."

On volunteering in aged care, Ian enthuses, "You truly care about the people you meet here. They all have stories to share that we learn from."

"I do it because I want to, and the community is beautiful—they really are appreciative of the time we share together, as am I."

Nina shares her appreciation, "Ian’s support is invaluable. We feel truly blessed to have his assistance, particularly with pastoral visits to residents."

"With Ian’s help, I know each resident has the quality time they need."

Ian continues assisting others through volunteering with Resthaven, and providing pastoral support through his local church.

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