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Compassionate Support for Aged Care Residents

on Thursday, June 6, 2024

Aged care chaplains provide compassionate spiritual care, support, encouragement and a listening ear to seniors.

As chaplains, Cath Millar and Tara MacDonald support seniors living at the Carinity Fairfield Grange aged care community in Townsville. They also extend their pastoral care assistance to families, carers, and staff.

They build relationships across the site, host weekly devotional chapel services, assist with resident activities, support those experiencing grief and loss, and help seniors transition into aged care.

“The role of chaplains in aged care is so important. Residents, especially when they first arrive, have so many emotions around entering care,” Cath said.

“As chaplains we are able to take the time to simply listen. We can validate their feelings and offer to pray with them around this new season of their life.”

Carinity Fairfield Grange resident, Gisella Schmidt explained: “I was feeling very upset when I moved into the community and the chaplain was there for me and helped me feel more at home.”

“I love that I was able to talk through how I was feeling about moving here and I’m so glad the chaplains are here to listen when I need it.”

Chaplain Tara explains that chaplains are a “safe person” for aged care residents to open up to.

Chaplain Cath Millar supports residents such as Aileen Walsh at the Carinity Fairfield Grange residential aged care community in Townsville

“Often when I go into a room or sit with a resident at a table, I instantly get a warm welcome. Sometimes the resident just needs you there so they feel valued and listened to,” Tara said.

“Other times, our chats morph into deep spiritual discussions and prayers. Most of the time we build trust and a relationship between the resident and the chaplain.

“I believe our role here is very uplifting and vital to the spiritual health of the residents.”

Carinity receives no government funding to support the availability chaplains in aged care communities. By donating to the Carinity Chaplains Appeal you can ensure that seniors around Queensland can continue to have meaningful conversations with a dedicated chaplain.

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