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, Brisbane City, Queensland, 4000

Part of Age Up Health VIC

Flexible in-home aged care services to let you live your way.

Each of our Home Care Packages are shaped by you to keep you well and safe while living at home and connected to your community. Depending on your needs, and what you like to do, you can change your services at any time.

We don’t believe in hidden fees, arbitrary restrictions on services, or sending different people to your home each week. Rather, we keep it simple: a single fee, and service matched to your needs with the same friendly face for every shift.

Age Up Health gives you easy access to top health professionals and carers, as well as a network of community groups to keep you connected and enjoying your hobbies and interests.  With personalised services for every budget, Age Up Health aims to keep you feeling happy, healthy and free, long into your future.

Free Services while you wait

We provide 1-hour of free help at home for those currently on the National Waitlist. There’s no obligation and no cost. It’s our way of giving back and lending a hand when you or your family might need it most. Simply contact us, to get started or to ask any us questions.

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