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Dealing with Reluctance to move into Aged Care

When the time comes to move a loved one into aged care, the person is often reluctant to do so. Many families only place their loved one in aged care once they feel the person can no longer look after themselves without constant nursing care.

No matter how comfortable a nursing home is, it can often feel like an institution rather than a home.

If possible try to take the person who is moving into aged care to all of the possible homes, make them part of the decision making process and see which ones they respond to positively.

If this is not possible or your loved one continues to show a lot of resistance towards aged care, an aged care placement consultant such as My Care Path can be beneficial. Aged Care Placement Consultants help families place their loved ones in care and take care of all of the wishes of their clients. 

They are also trained and have seen reluctance to go into aged care many times before and have strategies in place for dealing with this difficult time.

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Article posted:Jun 19, 2019
Category: Making the decision


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