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What Are My Aged Care Options?

There are three aged care options in Australia which tend to suit most people’s care needs. These options are:

Home Care

Home Care services are aged care and nursing services that are delivered straight to you in the comfort of your own home. After an assessment (see What is an ACAT Assessment?) a set amount of home care hours per week will be assigned to you.

During these assigned hours a nurse will visit the aged person directly, where they can help with a range of services such as help with taking medication, eating, showering, dressing or other personal service such as transfers to appointments or help remaining active in their community.

To find a range of home care providers in your area, you can use our comprehensive home care online directory.  

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Respite Care

Respite Care can be simply explained as break for informal carers, who are often family and friends of the aged person. Respite Care can involve a nurse staying overnight at the aged person’s home, so family and friends can have a break a for a day, night or a few nights a week depending on the situation. Or the patient is given a bed in a nursing home for a few days, these beds are referred to as ‘respite beds’ in aged care.

Respite Care is also used as a transitional program between home, hospital and aged care. For example an aged person may be placed in hospital but once they leave are unable to return home straight away, so they move to a respite care bed in a residential aged care facility (i.e. nursing home) for a few weeks while they recover. 

To find respite care services in your area, simply click on your state below to begin your search: 

Residential Aged Care

Residential Aged Care is more commonly known as a ‘nursing home’ and provides 24 hour care by qualified and trained staff to aged people who are unable to remain at home with part-time nursing care.

Many residential aged care homes also provide ‘dementia specific units’ which caters specifically for those with dementia.

You can search for residential aged care facilities in your area, and search for specific services such as low care, high care or dementia care with our comprehensive residential aged care online directory.

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Article posted:Aug 18, 2019
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