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How to Set Up a Bedroom in Residential Aged Care

Residential aged care can (despite all efforts from staff and family), can sometimes feel more like an institution than a home. 

Many family members will want to personalise the resident’s room, to make it feel more comfortable and home-like.

To personalise a room in residential aged care, you may like to bring your loved ones their own bedding such as sheets, doona covers, blankets and pillows.

There may also be room for a small chest of drawers, a night table, decorative chests where personal items can be stored or even a comfortable reading chair.

You may also like bring photos of family and friends in frame to display on the furniture in the room.

If you would like to hang some photos or pictures on the wall, make sure you ask the aged care residence if this is allowed first. Some aged care homes will not allow pictures to be nailed to the wall, whilst other homes have no restrictions or allow photos to be hung as long as they are hung with adhesives rather than nails.

A bit of greenery can also make a room brighter and more inviting, consider a small pot plant or two to make the room more appealing.

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Article posted:Sep 25, 2019
Category: Moving into aged care

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