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What is Residential Aged Care?

Residential Aged Care is the proper term for aged care homes (facilities) which are sometimes referred to as nursing homes

Residential aged care homes provide 24-hour care by trained nursing staff for frail elderly people who can no longer live independently in their own homes.

Residential aged care used to be classified into two categories - low or high care. On July 1 2014, these two levels of care were removed meaning that aged care homes now have more flexibility when it comes to the changing care needs of their residents.

Aged care homes can vary in size, style and age and some even give preference to certain groups of people such as war veterans, indigenous Australians or people from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Many aged care homes now provide specialised secure areas and care services for people living with dementia.

Aged care homes may be privately owned or run by church organisations, local councils or charity groups.

The Australian Government has a strict and thorough accreditation process that accredits, regulates and subsidises residential aged care homes.

Fees do apply in residential aged care and are calculated according to your financial situation. Find out more about residential aged care costs here.

Some aged care homes also offer respite care in their residences. Respite care is a form of short-term care that can be used after a stay in hospital and also to give carers a break.  

To be eligible for a place in a residential aged care home, you will need to be assessed by and Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). ACATs assess and approve your entry into aged care and will determine what care services you require and how those services can be best offered.

Anyone can contact the ACAT to arrange an assessment and there is no cost involved. A member of the ACAT will visit you and discuss your care needs.

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Article posted:Oct 15, 2019
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